Eat with Janice: Aimee Song’s Raw Bar with a Protein Twist (Printable Recipe)

An inspired recipe based off of Aimee Song’s (SongofStyle) raw bar with a punch of protein and blending for a finer consistency. They’re sweet and salty and they make a great snack for morning rushes! To print recipe on a single page: set "scale" in print page to 75% and print.

Too Fast, Too Furious

Some might say vintage is too overdone these days, but for me it’s a time to rewind, catch-up on history, and let my imagination wander. Read on to see how I embraced this new fondness, style vintage pieces, and how it set a new outlook for 2018.

Wendy Wanders to Beijing

Every time I go back to Beijing, I am bounced between two spectrums of time. The city has so much rich history and is advancing more than any other country. Read on to see what I did, what I wore, and most importantly, what I ate!

On Mondays We Wear Yellow

One of my favorite clothing purchases last year has been this mustard yellow sweater. Versatile and most importantly affordable, it has appeared on my Instagram one too many times. If you’re not sick of it just yet, continue scrolling to see the different ways I styled it! As I slowly venture into colored territory, it [...]

How to be a Tourist in Los Angeles

Ever wonder what there is to see in Los Angeles? Let me show you!

Weekend Getaway in Portland

Last month we traveled to Portland, known for its outdoor adventures, food trucks, and - dare we say - weirdness. Simply put, it was a gem! The vibrant city and high quality of life was apparent the minute we stepped out of PDX. Trusty public transportation, scrumptious food, and friendly locals really made our stay enjoyable.

Back to Basics

There are certain items of clothing we fashionistas like to call closet basics. Far from “basic” however (we ain’t no basic bitches), these pieces of clothing are the foundation and groundwork to a plethora of looks. While trends come and go, sometimes too fast or slow, a blazer is one of these must have items [...]

Museum of Ice Cream

A once in a lifetime Instagram opportunity, the Museum of Ice Cream is a pop-up full of millennial pink accents, soft serve samples and serious design goals!  We had the opportunity to visit this sugary shrine, let us show you through the Museum of Ice Cream, through our eyes!

15 Tried and True Travel Essentials

Wendy and I will be flying to Portland, Oregon for our annual vacation soon and we are pumped! Read on to learn about my essentials and tips for smooth, easy travel.

Fall For These Legging Recommendations

I’ve always wanted to make a list of quality leggings for short women. It’s hard to find leggings that won’t bunch up or stretch out when you sit down - it’s even harder to find wide waistbands that keep you comfortable all day. I hope this list gets you to your HG leggings!