15 Tried and True Travel Essentials

Wendy and I will be flying to Portland, Oregon for our annual vacation soon and we are pumped! Read on to learn about my essentials and tips for smooth, easy travel.


Bose Earphones

I usually travel with a pair of these noise cancelling earphones for plane rides. For short car rides I go with the Soundlink On-Ear headphones. The sound quality is solid with Bose and I love how comfortable they are. And the noise cancelling earphones are a godsend on plane rides – filters out all the noise.

Anker 10,000 mAH Charger

Don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone – or lose power right before a perfect photo. Bring a charger that’ll fit in the smallest of crevices in your bag. You can forget about it until you need it with the Anker one too – it holds a charge for quite awhile. I will say that it takes awhile to charge back up though, but once it’s charged it gets my iPhone 6S through at least 3 full charges.

Retractable Charging Cord

I mean you need something to complement the charger right? I stick one of these in my kanken every time I travel, it’s easy to pull out and put away. And when you’re traveling, tangles are not something you want to deal with – so retractable is the way to go!

Anker Charger Port

I started looking at Kinja Deals from Gizmodo awhile ago and they’ve just given me a slew of things I didn’t think I needed until I bought it (oh god). I still don’t really need this device but it is quite handy! If you bring a charger port you don’t have to bring multiple little USB charging docks for your devices, you just plug all your cords into this one port – and plug the port into an outlet. Too easy and a huge save when traveling with family, the one I bought has six ports so we don’t have to fight over charging outlets at hotels anymore.

Lens Cleaning Wipes

For the photographer and germaphobe alike. I use these alcohol wipes for cleaning off my lenses before photos and post-airplane or car ride, cleaning off my iPhone so my face doesn’t break out! The Zeiss ones really are streak free, you can find them in big packs at Sam’s Club and they’re well worth the price!

Shot by Wendy, at the Sacré-Cœur


Neck Pillow

This is a flimsy little neck pillow that has stolen my heart after several 12 hour flights. It’s got less fluff than some travel pillows but it makes up for that with its adjustability, you can lay it flat or wrap it around your neck for support. It’s very comfortable and the lack of fluff actually makes it easier to sit with on long flights, since your head won’t be pushed forward by the cushion. It packs away easily and also hangs from your suitcase, if you pick up a few extra souvenirs and need the space later.

Lip Balm + Toiletries (Toothbrush, Face Wipes)

Because after a three hour flight I feel like I need something to make me feel human again. If you’re interested in my in-flight skincare routine – I’ll probably make another post in the future on that. But just remember to bring the basics, toothbrush, toothpaste, thermal water and a nice heavy lip balm (linked above) to fight that airplane AC.


I’ve gotten sick going abroad and I had a rough time trying to find the right pills for my illness. To be safe, you should definitely pack some ibuprofen, pepto, imodium and anything else you think you may need in a pinch. Be smart! It’ll save you a LOT of money if you already have your treatments on hand. Medicine abroad can be expensive!


Because you know you’ll need these guys at some point. I usually pack a cheap pair to prevent theft or loss when I travel. Sunglasses can pull together your look and they also keep your eyes safe from the sun, they’re probably my favorite accessory! Takes you from looking like a bum to stylish real quick.

Wet Wipes

Bring a travel pack of wet wipes on every road trip, plane ride or bus ride. They’re great for washing your hands on the go and also disinfecting surfaces. There’s literally never been a trip where I haven’t used at least one wet wipe for some reason. These are lifesavers!


Because sometimes you skip breakfast while you’re traveling or the food on the plane is expensive. Or maybe just because you’re trying to eat healthy! My favorite on the go snack is this Costco pack of Fig Bars. They’re cheap and easy, for the more savory folk, try these bean chips with guacamole.


Packing Cubes

Love these for travel! I think I’m going to invest in more structured ones than the one I currently have (eBags) but I’m a bargain shopper so I bought the green ones for cheap. These are great for compartmentalizing your wardrobe and clearing room in your suitcase. They also keep me from forgetting those small items, like underwear and socks, since it’s all in separate cubes.

Bullet Journal

Wendy got me into bullet journaling with a beautiful Moleskin Cahier gift. I use this to jot down quick things while traveling and long plane rides give me time to really get creative with my bullet journaling. Would recommend if you don’t like the structure of certain planners – this way you can make your own structure, that’s what I love about it!

G3 Ultra Fine Gel Pen

My bullet journal companion! I’m left handed so a good gel pen that doesn’t streak and dries quickly is my dream in life. This one dries pretty fast, streaks a little but writes like a dream so it’s forgivable. And you never know when you’ll need a pen when you’re traveling!

Luggage Strap

Even if you never break your zippers, you don’t know what’s going to happen to your luggage in baggage claim – having that luggage strap will keep your bag together AND be an easy marker to claim it when you get to your destination. The one I currently use is rainbow striped and pretty unique, I’ve never had issues finding my luggage at baggage claim because I can see that rainbow from a mile away!


Thanks for taking a break xx

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